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Assurance Services

Customised Assurance Services

Assurance Services

Assurance services extend beyond the statutory audits required by State and Commonwealth legislation or those required by funding bodies.

Many organisations benefit from our other Assurance Services such as Internal Audit, which provide boards, management and other stakeholders with an independent perspective that assesses the effectiveness of systems, internal controls and work practices and how each might be improved.

Altius works with you in a very practical way, tailoring each engagement to your specific needs.  We work with you collaboratively to ensure your priorities become ours.

We understand that every client is different, so we seek first to understand your business and its risks before developing with you an agreed plan of attack.  Our approach is comprehensive, integrated, yet risk-based to ensure issues are addressed according to agreed priorities.  This provides you with the assurance that your key risks are being addressed first, with our outputs being recommendations that allow you to confidently implement strategies that take account of your key business objectives, while improving controls over your key risks.

Our assurance activities are designed to cover any area of your business and can be undertaken as discrete, special projects or in accordance with the agreed Internal Audit Plan we develop with you.

Changes in legislation in recent years mean many smaller organisations are no longer required to have a full statutory audit each year.

Instead, they can opt for a review engagement, which still allows compliance with the relevant legislation.  A review is similar to an audit but has reduced scope and, importantly, comes at a reduced cost.

Altius provides Review Services to many smaller organisations and can advise whether a Review is appropriate for yours.

In certain circumstances you may wish to have a third party perform procedures on your behalf from which you can form your own opinion.

For example, in purchasing a business you may need some comfort on the stock levels being acquired.  Procedures can be agreed, which Altius performs on your behalf.  We provide the results to you from which you can make your own assessment.

Each such engagement is tailored specifically to your needs and the procedures performed are those agreed with you in advance.